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My Kitchen - Featuring Chef Chris Hall

I want to extend a sincere welcome and invite you into My Kitchen right here in Morgantown WV. My goal here is to provide a fun learning environment to enhance culinary skills. My Kitchen will have regularly scheduled classes for the novice home cook. Here you can learn the basics of everyday cooking from me, Chef Chris Hall. I also have classes for the more seasoned cooks who wish to enhance their culinary skills. My Kitchen has been in operation since 2010 and there have been several thousand attendees. We eat what we cook here. Working in teams of two or three, several recipes will be made and everyone tries it all. So roll up your sleeves, and get ready to have some fun. I believe in HANDS ON. COOK WITH WILD ABANDON!!!!!

About Chef Hall

I am a graduate of Stratford Univeristy's Culinary Arts Program in Falls Church, Virginia (top of my class I might add).  In addition to my fromal education, I have worked at a very long list of restaurants from diners to gourmet restaurants that didn't even have  prices on the menu (if you had to ask you couldn't afford it).  Before coming to Morgantown 5 years ago I was a personal chef for several clients in the Washington DC area and spent the last 2  years there teaching at Adult Commuyunity Education (ACE) in Fairfax Ccounty, Virginia.  These classes were for both adults, at night, and were designed for the novice cook as well as the more experienced.  Classes were designed to expand students' knowledge of more specific types of cuisines such as regional Italian or Oriental style cooking.

About My Kitchen

My Kitchen is a licensed commercial kitchen specifically designed for demonstrations and hands on cooking for the home cook. You will not be coming to home kitchen run by a sweet little old lady, although I am getting a bit long in the tooth.  We can accommodate 8 students, so seating is limited but you wont get lost in the crowd either. Register early to secure your space.

Private paties only require 4 people and the cost is the same as normal.  We just have to cooridinate date, time and menu.

We are located at 3391 Grafton Rd on 8 beautiful secure acres overlooking Paradise Lake. Park right next to the kitchen.  Just 6.2 miles south of Walmart Super Center off I-68, heading towards Grafton. We are across the street from Mavericks. Less than 10 minutes from I-68, Exit 1.

For additional information contact My Kitchen at: (304) 241-4901



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